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Eating Out


Promoting Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.

The New York State YMCA Foundation works to improve the quality of life in our state by supporting the 43 independent YMCAs of the Empire State. Each YMCA is a remarkable community-based organization that works to improve the lives of the individuals, communities, and families they serve.
The organization originally began as the New York State Executive Committee (NYSEC) in 1870. It was formed to oversee and provide staff and services to the YMCA's in New York State. Presently, NYS YMCA Foundation operates with a board of directors and a board of trustees. The Board of Trustees is responsible for allocating and distributing funds from the endowment and uses a formula to determine the annual amount received by the Board of Directors for allocation purposes.
The New York State YMCA Foundation, Inc. is integral to the support and development of YMCA programs and services in New York State. Through its fund development efforts it serves as a conduit of financial support to strengthen Associations in New York State to expand their participation in critical program initiatives. It strives to serve as an active partner to the Alliance of New York State YMCAs. The New York State YMCA Foundation supports efforts which contribute to the public's understanding of the YMCA Movement and the importance of the YMCA to the local community.

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